Goodwill Easterseals

Goodwill Easterseals Miami Valley is grateful for The Disability Foundation’s $2,170 grant for the purchase of items to enhance Miracle Clubhouse’s ability to reach members, support them during the pandemic, and help them maintain their mental health.

 Through the grant from The Disability Foundation, Miracle Clubhouse was able to purchase a one-year Zoom Meeting subscription. Members and staff can hold daily unit meetings with no time limit. With no time limitation, members can join into Zoom meetings more often and when they are available through the day, anytime. Clubhouse is also holding its critical monthly Advisory Council meetings via Zoom, with no time limitations.

 “Having the outdoor tents were great – they provided shade from the sun and shelter from inclement weather. It was a safe way for people to gather safely during this time.  For me, it encouraged me to come and talk and be part of the Clubhouse community.”  – Seth (Miracle Clubhouse member)

 “The handwashing sink was nice to use. I washed my hands after gardening, and I saw lots of members use it daily when they came to Clubhouse. I liked the foot pump.”  – Kenny (Miracle Clubhouse member)

 “The new camera works good. We could do more stuff online for everyone and do some videos.  I felt like a star on the camera.” – Robert (Miracle Clubhouse member)

 Through the $2,170 grant from The Disability Foundation, Miracle Clubhouse was able to purchase the following:

1-year Zoom Meetings Subscription

An Outdoor Handwashing Station

Three (3) Outdoor Pop-Up Canopy Tents

A GoPro Action Camera and Accessories

Multi-Fold Paper Towels and Soap

GESMV is grateful for The Disability Foundation’s support of Miracle Clubhouse members. Through this grant, Miracle Clubhouse has been much better equipped to maintain connection and relationships with members who otherwise might struggle with isolation and loneliness. Thank you!


Therapeutic Riding Institute

Tis year has been unlike anything any of us had had to deal with. The COIVD-19 pandemic has caused a serious financial hit to our organization. Unlike many other non-profit organizations, when our programming stopped, our expenses did not decrease due to the fact that we operate a 23-acre horse farm. We have needed to continue to feed and care for our horses as well as tend to the upkeep of the property. Purchasing the farm has enabled us to expand our number of horses in our herd, offer more lessons, and provide additional programs and services to our students and their families. These plans were thwarted by the until May when were able to resume lessons under very different circumstances.

We had to create protocols for cleaning and disinfecting a variety of surfaces, purchase masks and cleaning/disinfecting supplies, washable tack for the horses and make sure that everyone wears masks and stay socially distant, which is a challenge for us depending on the student. We were able to hold private and semi-private lessons to keep our number of people below 10 and keep our students, volunteers and staff safe through the beginning of November.

Unfortunately, while we did everything to cut costs, donations are down and without the financial support of the Disability Foundation it would have been even more so. I cannot express the gratitude we have for the support you have given us.


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Suite 100
Dayton, OH 45409


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