2019 Grant Awards

Perhaps our proudest accomplishment this year is the launch of a grant cycle. Long in the planning, the organization will now award annual grants to nonprofit organizations that serve people living with disabilities. The grants are funded by investment growth of the Deceased Beneficiary Fund. In this inaugural year, having received 19 grant worthy requests totaling over $158,000, we awarded the following grants:

Abilities First (Middletown, OH) Serves children and adults with a wide range of disabilities including cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome, learning disabilities, language and cognitive impairments.

Development of an Inclusive Outdoor Playground

Funded: $6,750


Dayton Metro Library (Dayton, OH) – Funding: $7,000


The grant from The Disability Foundation made a direct impact to ensure that we have many compelling books available for all levels of reading ability. But more than just offering books, this influx of titles helps to reinforce the role of the Library as a safe and welcoming destination for people of all abilities to seek out information, entertainment, and togetherness. Together with TDF and our many partners, we can leverage these books to foster a greater sense of inclusion. 



Joy Ride (Dayton, OH) – A high-end car club event for children with special needs and disabilities, – Funding: $6,750

“JoyRide, a car club exclusively for kids with special needs, is grateful for the grant funding provided by The Disability Foundation. This financial support was instrumental in allowing our organization to purchase two large tents for our events. Purchasing these tents has significantly decreased event rental costs and allowed JoyRide to refocus our budget to serve even more kids with special needs!”


Senior Resource Connection – (Dayton, OH) – Funded: $4,000

Wow! What a difference updated technology has made in the lives of our clients. Our Representative Payees provide financial services for Montgomery County residents with severe and chronic mental health disabilities. It has often been a struggle for them to complete daily tasks with old calculators, slow computers and small screens. Through a generous grant from The Disability Foundation, we were able to acquire new desk calculators, Quickbooks software, higher powered computers and 24” monitors. Improved efficiency enables us to better meet the needs of our clients which helps relieve their feelings of depression and hopelessness. Thank you for your support!



United Rehabilitation Services (Dayton, OH) – Funding: $7,721

United Rehabilitation Services (URS) appreciates the support of The Disability Foundation grant which helped to fund the purchase of three modified, accessible mini vans.  Community inclusion is an important part of the programs URS offers to adults with disabilities, and these vans allow our clients to experience activities in our community including Dragon’s games, libraries, fire stations, restaurants and theater performances. 



We Care Arts (Dayton, OH)Teaches art classes that meet the physical and cognitive needs of people with severe mental illness, physical and/or development disabilities as well as many who are recovering from acquired brain injury or are living with Alzheimer’s and dementia. The classes not only enrich them artistically, but also emotionally. Students learn how to express their feelings and thoughts through art and as a result, realize their own capabilities, courage and creativity.

Software to improve their client database.

Funding: $6,000

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