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Grant Awards – Fiscal Year 2019

2019 Grant Awards Perhaps our proudest accomplishment this year is the launch of a grant cycle. Long in the planning, the organization will now award annual grants to nonprofit organizations that serve people living with disabilities. The grants are funded by...

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Our Grant Awards 2019

The Disability Foundation, a supporting organization of The Dayton Foundation, is pleased to offer a Request for Proposal for FY 2019 seeking competitive grants for organizations that provide direct services to or to improve access to services for people living with...

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Carol's Story

Carol  I recently had the honor of spending a little time with one of the people we serve. Carol (not her real name)  wanted to meet at a local library, which initially was a little surprising to me because I understood she is blind. As I saw her come across the room...

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Mary's Story

This week I learned about Mary. Mary has had a trust with The Disability Foundation for just a few months. Recently she requested a distribution to repair her windows and roof. She asked if she could use the trust to get a new stove as hers has been broken for many...

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John's Story

Because of a Flexible Spending Pooled Trust established by his parents, John had an opportunity to go to music camp. He had always loved music, but never had an opportunity to really share his deep interest. After he returned home, he told his family that meeting...

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Bob's Story

When we sent out our last Distribution Requests, we received one back marked “Undeliverable”. The Personal Representative (Mike) had moved and did not provide a forwarding address. We called the care facility where our beneficiary Bob was living and they told us they...

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Survivor Benefit Plan and Special Needs Trusts

The U.S. Department of Defense has recently published guidance for military parents regarding newly passed legislation that will allow them to assign Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) payments (up to 55% of their retirement pay) to a special needs trust for the benefit of a...

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Military Survivor Benefit Plans

As part of the legislation passed in the Carl Levin and Howard P. “Buck” McKeon National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), military members may now designate that survivor benefit payments be placed into a special needs trust for a dependent child with a disability....

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